Marvinware DJ Master

What is DJ Master?

DJ Master, developed by Marvinware, is a user-friendly and free DJ software specifically designed for beginners. This versatile software not only allows for music mixing but also serves as a powerful music player. With integrations such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, OneDrive, and OnionMedia, DJ Master offers a comprehensive music experience.

DJ Master provides access to local files, enabling DJs to easily incorporate their personal music archives into their mixes.

Designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11, DJ Master offers an intuitive user interface that facilitates an easy entry for beginners. The software supports a variety of file formats, including MP3, M4A, MP4, OGG, OGA, WMA, and WAV, giving DJs the freedom to play and mix their favorite tracks without limitations.

Equipped with two decks, this DJ software allows DJs to seamlessly switch between different tracks and craft their mixes. Beginners can explore the features of both decks and develop their DJ skills while playing and mixing their favorite music.

With the "DJ To Go" feature, DJs have their playlists with them anytime, anywhere. DJ Master allows users to save their playlists and access them from different devices, enabling DJs to enjoy their favorite music on the go and seamlessly integrate it into their sets.

Download and install DJ Master from Microsoft Store.