DJ Master

The best Windows ever is getting better and better

The DJ Master October 2020 Update * is the latest update that offers new features and updated security at no additional cost. ** And it is designed to be easy to keep up to date.

Free 2 deck DJ software, for private and commercial use. Simple and easy to understand.

Music in your rhythm.

Rock on the job. Relax at home. Create playlists for the next party. And let the music of real DJs hang up. At DJ Master you will find the right one for every mood. Or something to improve.

Music where it belongs.

With DJ Master, you have all your music in one place to be there when you want to hear it. Instead of browsing through stacks of CDs and digital data, you can import them into DJ Master and quickly browse through your entire collection. Organize your stuff the way you want. Create playlists and hear them always and everywhere. Then you can sync them to DJ To Go on a USB stick and play them on other PCs.

For the performance

Almost 8 years ago DJ Master was still in development. Since then DJ Master is always expanding and improving. DJ Master continues this tradition with new tools, a clearer user interface and an even more impressive sound. Play your music anywhere you want it.

Auto DJ

With DJ Master's Auto DJ feature, you can easily mix your playlist with high reliability and precision. And you can change the order of the tracks to your heart's content as you like it.

Simple DJ software

Do you like to experiment extensively? Or are you just playing your favorite tracks? DJ Master can be flexibly adapted to your way of hanging up.

Supported audio formats

MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, Audio CD (Compact Disc)

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